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Falk srl, Giacomo and Brenno. Nineteen years of working together, Mechanisms That become automatic, Innovation and pragmatism.
This is the synthesis of two people doing the job a passion.
When this passion is expressed at the highest level, here it is that you develop a business concept, that is, make the challenges of many companies our challenge.
Falk srl is placed on the market as a service company working for other businesses; it is specialized in the production of mechanical components and moulds.
Our aim is to collaborate with companies who are seeking for skilled and reliable business partners capable of fulfilling customers' orders quickly and accurately, providing solutions to any technical problem thanks to over twenty years experience and know-how of the two owners in the production of moulds.
Falk srl is located in the industrial area of Azzano Decimo in the province of Pordenone, Italy, via Peperate 21; its strategic position makes it easily accessible from the main roads.
Brenno - Giacomo
Falk srl  -  Via Peperate 21  -  33082 Azzano Decimo (Pn)
Vat Number   IT 01818520932  - TEL. +39 0434 423956 - email:
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